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Crane Job

Crane Job


We were asked by our client to make safe some large Holm oak trees which were growing over power lines and a public highway.  The trees were very unbalanced and were a significant health and safety hazard to the general public. The way in which the trees were growing meant it would be a difficult job to get the trees down without damaging the power lines or the road below. Our client had tried to no avail to find a company that would be able to deal with the problem so when we were asked we took on the challenge.


For us to be able to complete this challenging job we had to work closely with our client and the crane operating company. In order to gain access to the work site we made good use of our 4×4‘s to reverse our large chipper and large trailer up the steep slope. We needed our big 8’’ chipper to ensure we were working at maximum efficiency to make good use of the time which we had the crane on hire for. During the dismantling of the trees we had to maintain good communication with the crane operator to ensure we were working safely. We allowed 5 days to complete the job, but due to the efficient manner in which we worked with all the parties involved we finished the job a day early saving our client money so he was very satisfied with our service.


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Happy Customers

Firstly, may I say a Big “Thank You” to you and your team for a job well done. Not only for the main job of doing the trees, but for clearing up the debris afterwards. I went down to start the cleanup process myself, and was literally ‘Stunned’ at what I saw. You would not have know I had ever had any tree works completed in the garden! Not only that, but you had also cleared the steps for me down to the beach, so again, thanks!

Roger Pugh

It’s unusual for me to supply recommendation for service providers but I was so impressed by the way you and Simon dealt with the large and unruly ash tree in the front garden here that I’m determined to make an exception in your case.

Not only did you provide an accurate estimate, which you kept to, and turn up at the time and day you said you would, but you carried out the work efficiently and cheerfully with great skill and seemingly boundless stamina. I am more than happy to recommend Woodgate’s Trees services. However, I have to warn prospective customers that they will need a good supply of coffee and an efficient kettle!

Charlie Taylor

Phillip and Simon turned up when they said they would and they did what they said they would do. Very pleased.

Mrs Bulger