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Tree Surgery Services

Tree services Woodgates TreesTree removal. This is when it is deemed for various reasons that the best course of action is to reduce a tree to ground level. Sometimes we can do this with one felling cut from the ground but usually we do this with dismantling techniques. If you have sheds, greenhouses or even the roof of your home underneath your tree we can use ropes to ensure the protection of your property.

Crown reduction. We often use crown reduction as a way of retaining trees rather than felling them. By making the leaf bearing part of the tree smaller we can completely change areas of your home and garden from being in complete darkness to having an abundance of natural light. We carry out this kind of work in a way which retains the natural shape of the tree as much as possible.

Crown thinning. Sometimes trees can look too overgrown and untidy so we do this to keep trees looking maintained and natural.

Crown lifting. This means cutting of the lowest branches of the tree. We often do this do give clearance for cars and people on the public highway. Did you know that you are responsible for trees on your land which might inhibit traffic on the public highway?

Dead wooding. We do this to ensure that your trees are safe for anyone that might spend anytime underneath them. It means we climb your tree and cut out any wood which is dead to prevent it falling on people and property.

Crown cleaning. This means climbing your tree and removing branches which are touching each other as this can cause rot. We will also remove any dead wood or dying branches.

Aerial tree inspections. If you ever feel that you want an in depth tree inspection, we can climb your tree and have a close look at any rot or cavities that might be forming.

Ivy removal. Sometimes trees can lose their splendour if they become drowned in heavy Ivy. We can remove the Ivy to restore the tree to its maximum splendour. It is also useful to do this if an in depth tree inspection is required.

Woodland management. If you have a woodland it is a good idea to manage it. Whether it is for commercial forestry, firewood or just so that you can enjoy it to its full potential, we can help you get the most out of your woodland.

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    Happy Customers

    Firstly, may I say a Big “Thank You” to you and your team for a job well done. Not only for the main job of doing the trees, but for clearing up the debris afterwards. I went down to start the cleanup process myself, and was literally ‘Stunned’ at what I saw. You would not have know I had ever had any tree works completed in the garden! Not only that, but you had also cleared the steps for me down to the beach, so again, thanks!

    Roger Pugh

    It’s unusual for me to supply recommendation for service providers but I was so impressed by the way you and Simon dealt with the large and unruly ash tree in the front garden here that I’m determined to make an exception in your case.

    Not only did you provide an accurate estimate, which you kept to, and turn up at the time and day you said you would, but you carried out the work efficiently and cheerfully with great skill and seemingly boundless stamina. I am more than happy to recommend Woodgate’s Trees services. However, I have to warn prospective customers that they will need a good supply of coffee and an efficient kettle!

    Charlie Taylor

    Phillip and Simon turned up when they said they would and they did what they said they would do. Very pleased.

    Mrs Bulger